Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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Robert Mugabee
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I have always tried to give a bit of praise where it is due, as despite my occasional outbursts of frustration, I do believe there is a little good in everyone.

I've found it hard in the case of Gordon Brown. I can't really buy in to the idea that there was anything especially either good or bad in his handling of the largely failed terrorist attacks or of the foot and mouth outbreak. It would be fair to say that other than the 'must be seen to be doing something' COBRA meeting, there has at least not been any 'must be seen to be doing something' illiberal legislation proposed thus far, but saying that would sound like damning with faint praise.

Work kept me away from the world of blogs yesterday, but I was pleased this morning to read The Thunder Dragon has found something for which I think all right thinking people can praise the Prime Minister.

The Thunder Dragon quotes The Times:
Gordon Brown has thrown plans for a summit of African and European leaders into turmoil by vowing to pull out if Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe takes part. The Prime Minister, normally keen to promote Africa, believes that his boycott would be followed by several European allies and is hoping that the threat will stop Mr Mugabe from being invited.

Source: The Times

I'm pleased to be able to agree with the Thunder Dragon, in giving credit where credit is due for such a firm, and right position.

I hope that many more nations than some expect will join with the Prime Minister's position and realise that there are some world leaders who are truly beyond the pale. This could be accuse of being an appeal to deny a platform to Mugabe, something that I would normally oppose, but frankly with his control of his own media, Mugabe has all the platform that he needs.

This is not the same as half-witted NUS branches seeking to deny someone with only unpleasant views a platform, or even worse university staff unions trying to boycott Israeli academics who probably hold very reasonable personal views. There is a difference between opinions and actions. Repulsive views, unaccompanied by the threat or fact of violence are different, they must be aired to see their foolishness. To take another example though, I could see the justification in denying a platform to a National Front supporter, with a proven case of racial violence for which they were unrepentant.

Robert Mugabe does not only have unpleasant views, he, as a head of state, acts on them.

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