Saturday, September 15, 2007

Moving On

It's been a frustrating few weeks to support England Rugby, watching a side with injury worries before the tournament even began struggle with inconsistent form.

At least I can put that behind me today, when the to flight of domestic rugby, in the form of the Guinness Premiership which returns today, with the now traditional highlight of the London double header at a sunny Twickenham. Not for today the white of England, but the Black of Saracens, who, erm, have suffered some frustrating injuries in pre-season action and even more frustratingly have for several years alternated between the fringes of Heineken Cup qualification and an all too regular 10th place in the league.

It's hard work sometimes being a supporter of both club and country, but nonetheless I'll still keep the faith - I really believe this can be the season we build on the promise of last season and forge ahead and not slump down the table.

Allez les Noirs!


Beaman said...

The last England game was humiliating torture. I don't know if I dare watch the Samoa one. If only we could play Luxembourg.

Dusanne said...

I know how you feel Beaman. I guess I will put myself thought the masochistic experience of the Samoa game, but it won't be fun.

At least if it goes horribly wrong against the Samoans the usual tirade of abuse from the Welsh supporters might just be a little muted.

And well, a win is a win, so I'm in slightly better heart after the boys proved yet again that only one team can beat Wasps at Twickenham in the modern era...and the beer was good...clutching at straws maybe but it has worked for me.