Thursday, September 13, 2007

Intelligent Policing

Pointless Sign
More Pointless Signs
I normally avoid the web offering from Sky News, even if it is only because of their annoying habit of pumping every story out through its news feed at least half a dozen times regardless of the story's merit. Sometime I almost delete the feed in frustration, but that would give undue prominence to the BBC coverage, which I wouldn't really want either.

One little story today did both amuse and irritate me.

Many of us will at times have questioned the effectiveness of some of the Police service's many poster campaigns. Most at least have tended to focus on either advice to people to avoid becoming the victims of crime, or on reminding people of offences that they may carelessly commit.

It seems though that the Hertfordshire constabulary has taken things one step further by pointing out the bloody obvious. In a story of how the Plain English Campaign has blasted the posters as an insult to the intelligence it transpires that:
"Don't Commit Crime" is stated on one of Hertfordshire Constabulary's posters - "All fuel must be paid for" has been added on posters at petrol stations.

Source: Sky News

There, doesn't that make you feel safer? No need for any more police on the street, now that the criminals of Hertfordshire know what they are doing is wrong.

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