Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everyone else is doing it...

Iain Dale's Book
Voting open until 15th August shall I.

As posted in the earlier hours of this morning, I've been finalising my list of 20 blogs for contribution to Iain Dale's search for the Top 100 UK Political Blogs, which will form part of the upcoming book, 2007 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK.

It's been a little more tricky than I expected, as I wanted to apply some kind of objectivity to the subject; like most people I probably read some blogs not in this list, to which I have a greater political affinity, more often than some which I have included as being, in my opinion, the best examples of blogging from a perspective different to my own. Even with that proviso, I will admit it's pretty one sided, perhaps even more so than my own political position actually warrants; I consider myself a pretty moderate EUrosceptic, but I just couldn't ignore too many of the many intelligent blogs which lay into this organisation with such a powerful mix of wit, venom and exasperation.

A also dropped a few on the grounds of a handful of rules I set myself, some in the interests of objectivity, others to do with my idea of what a blog should be. Boris Johnson MP has a brilliant blog, but the postings are a bit too thin on the ground to get much of a dynamic behind it, despite an admirably liberal policy on commenting. CiF Watcher, and
Educational Conscription have all got off to a fantastic start, content-wise, but I felt were a little new to include. Others, like Archbishop Cranmer I enjoy immensely, but I feel really have politics as a secondary theme, woven in as and when necessary.

I've also got a bit of a short term memory when it comes to these things. I regretted leaving out Tom Watson whose usually good blog I disagree with often; only a few recent activities that I felt were beyond the pale spared him from the embarrassment of appearing on such a true blue list. Also, like anyone interested in blogging from a Conservative point of view it felt strange to omit Guido, but as he himself has announced, there are many more important things in his life than blogging right now, and I don't think many would dispute his priorities right at the moment, and he's still a very good read.

I've ended up with a bit of a weird mix of 'best in class' and overall champions, but anyway, after all that rambling, here is the Liberty's Requiem Top 20, in alphabetical order:If and when my hosting provider unblocks my Blogroll for Facebook Application, and it gets a few more users, I might have to consider a 'blog read compatibility rating' feature...It's been quite interesting, seeing so many other peoples top 20s on various blogs, to work out just how many great, and thankfully rare not-so great minds I think alike to!


Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks alot. I'll add you to my blogroll, if you'll reciprocate.

I assume you are a Tory so I'll put you in that category.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks for the vote.

Will also add you to my blogroll.



Dusanne said...

Thanks for the messages, and the link, to both of you.

I've included the whole top 20 list, yourselves included, as a new blogroll on this blog, along with a link back to to the original posting to explain the list.

...and yes, I might sometimes feel like I'm on both fringes of the party at the same time, and come out as a libertarian on most of those silly tests, but I do still see my self as a Conservative; not that I'm quite confident enough to stump up a membership fee again yet!



Caroline Hunt said...

Trying to find a more original way of saying thank you and that you are now on my blogroll. Dammit didn't manage to do it! :)

Daily Referendum said...

I've just managed to add you to my Picroll. Sorry about the delay.



Dusanne said...

No problems Steve, I'm pretty backlogged on everything at the moment. I've got about 15 half written blog posts most of which are rapidly becoming non-topical as I fail to get them finished.

...and thanks for the message Caroline.