Monday, May 21, 2007

The Road to Hell...

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I heard so much blogworthy things today that I actually felt guilty that I bumped into a friend right off the train and went to help the Village out with its beer lake. I had built up a good head of steam when it came to (very) righteous indignation, but went out and got slaughtered instead. If I suffered from leftism, I would doubtlessly suggest a ban on having public houses being open at times when people alight from London suburban commuter trains, in order to protect me from myself. Unfortunately I am free from this especially debilitating condition, so simply have to admit it is my own weak will.

So in brief...
  • Cutty Sark...very sad...sympathies to those who I know work so hard on this project and care a lot. Wait for the people happy to pump the best part of a billion into NuWembley to bitch about even spending 20p on the restoration process (imperial past? elitist? who knows which flavour of b/s they will use for this one)

  • Grammar Schools...Yawn, number about 9 on my list of serious educational issues that need dealing with

  • Ghengis... didn't do heros and zeros on 18DS, very disappointing, you miss his moment of rapture just before that moment when he knows he is about to offend some POLs badly
  • Guinness...why don't they offer 'the one that won't make you s*** tarmac the following day' as well as 'cold' and 'regular'

For what is the first, but will probably not be the only time....I will try harder next time.

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