Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Do They Do It?

There are many reasons why I could never be an MP. High up this extensive list is that I could never show the relative restraint and civilised conduct that was displayed today in the attacks on the hapless Patricia Hewitt during what was, in effect, a no-confidence motion on her performance as Secretary of State for Health.

It is not that I think she is a complete idiot like some of her colleagues, she evidently from some of her more considered contributions that she is not, which makes her frequent piss-poor performances harder to understand. Lots of things have fallen apart on her watch, but then the running the NHS will probably always be a case of perpetual fire fighting. According to her Wikipedia entry, she was even once a Conservative, though it does appears that adult-onset leftism is a disease every bit as damaging to higher brain function as the more typical version which manifests itself first during student years.

That said her hectoring, holier-than-thou delivery drives me absolutely nuts. At least listening at home I can only fume. If I was in the chamber the temptation to grab the mace, Heseltine style, would be too strong, only in my case I would know exactly what I wanted to do with it. You'd think, with the number of apologies she has had to deliver recently, that she would now be able to make one sound, well, apologetic.

She will also be causing me to have a more expensive than usual month shortly as I up my cigarette contribution to celebrate her introduction of the health Nazi's smoking ban.

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