Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reviews and Previews

I was keen to rant about the ludicrous idea proposed today that school children should set and mark their own coursework. This was not some idea from some lunatic fringe think-tank, but from the Government's own exams watchdog, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) who only report to the lunatic fringe. The story on state funded breast enhancements for sailors in the Australian Navy was also worthy of a good smutty comment or two.

Sadly though I've run out of energy and many others have had a good laugh at the expense of these half witted ideas already. If you think I've made those stories up, you can find both for the price of one at Thunder Dragon.

That's it for the review section, but just before I hit 'send' the news reader beeped and this came in from the Guardian's Comment is Free:
Hammer the rich? If only Ming, or Gordon, meant it

Lib Dem tax proposals are a blow for sanity in an era of excess. Labour should do better than try to trash them pointlessly

'Hammer the rich!' At last a political leader has the nerve to say what pollsters find most people think. Good for Menzies Campbell.

Source: The Guardian

Yes, who else could it be but the left's halfwit-in-chief Polly Toynbee.

As good as her writing style is, the typical Toynbee diatribe's intellectual argument can usually be picked apart by anyone who has half an idea of how the real world operates. That said, this looks like a juicy specimen and I'm too tired to do a good job so I shall go to bed anticipating how she will be ripped to shreds by more skilled dissectionits than myself.

Once again Polly raises the blood pressure, as she revels in the (largely groundless) fears of ordinary men and women caught up in the Northern Rock situation, but at the same time reassures me in my personal decision to reject the spiteful, hate-fueled wing of politics of which she is the media's standard bearer.

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