Saturday, September 22, 2007

Return of the White Elephant

The Croydonian has found an interesting video from the EU sponsored area of YouTube in which appears to promote the idea that yet another core European value has been decided for us by our elders and betters.

I actually preferred one that popped up in the related clips section:

How apt that a film, doubtlessly produced with a nice chunk of taxpayer's cash, to celebrate the EU's 50th birthday should feature quite prominently the proposed Galileo satellite navigation system.

I should praise EU honesty in admitting the organisation's involvement in the project, now that it has been confirmed that commercial interest has ebbed away and the whole thing is set to become a millstone round European taxpayer's necks. Unfortunately, the indignation of being part of paying for this monument to politician's vanity is too strong for any form of kind words.

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