Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Another Love Song

Grand master of self deception, but no poodle
I'm no fan of Blair. Or to be more precise I'm not a fan of much Blair has done. Ulster aside, for me, he has been a disaster from start to finish in terms of his domestic policies. Despite this I can't help liking something about the bloke, even if I was too sensible to vote for any of his Muppets in any poll. When you look at the stature he has on the world stage, even after involving us in the Iraq debacle, he certainly has a certain class, even if he wouldn't know a decent policy if it hit him between the eyes.

At the end of the day though, it is his team of assorted misfits who have spent ten years messing up just about everything they can get their hands on, and he carries the can for this. I don't get the feeling he was fully signed up to some of the more interfering, nitpicking legislation that his government introduced, but he let it slide in anyway as he jetted round the world focused on bigger pictures.

There are other things he has done that I think, though wrong, do come from deep personal beliefs, and for these I will accept his plea for forgiveness in his resignation speech. I will even go so far as to attack any sloppy thinking POL who uses lazily uses the term 'poodle' to explain Iraq. Anyone who thinks, useless as he is in many ways, that he is the type of person who would commit a country to war simply to please a US president is the whole sandwich box short of a picnic, and should be treated with complete scorn. Fine, disagree with Iraq, there are many good reasons to do so, but a million repetitions of the words 'poodle' and/or 'illegal' will not make them relevant to an intelligent debate on the matter. Has he lied at times? probably, but I'm not sure he isn't better of convincing himself than the public at large when he does, and he really is a Saint when compared to the honesty of some of his Ministers.

I couldn't help liking this though, it's a bit better than most of the 'lipsync' offerings...


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