Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bugsy Blair

On the lookout for amusing 'anti-tributes' to celebrate Blair's departure, I knew someone would be able to better the Blair/Bush love song, and Tim Ireland has done.

The first couple of minutes are the best after which it goes a bit weird, but it's worth it for those couple of minutes alone.

I'm even prepared to forgive the 'puppet' motif which is the thinking man's 'poodle'. I must say though, not quite sure why Jack Straw takes a place in the chorus line over more worthy candidates like Chas Clarke, who only makes a cameo appearance. Straw may be associated with some of the more sordid acts of NuLab but I do often feel that in Straw I am seeing a man who at least has the grace to have a troubled conscience about it, and in the past he has had a good track record on the sensible wing of the rights and liberties lobby.

Perhaps Clarke's chins were too much of a challenge to animate.

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