Monday, May 14, 2007

Liberal Democrat MP Demands Radical Change or Withdrawal from Europe

According to Radio 4's PM programme this evening, Richard Younger-Ross, Liberal Democrat MP for Teignbridge, has strongly criticised the politicised nature of European voting systems which allow organised regional blocs to force their choices on Europe as a whole. According to the BBC he has called for the United Kingdom to demand radical change and, if this is not forthcoming, to withdraw entirely.

Unfortunately it transpires that this does not represent a damascene conversion on matters European for the Liberal Democrats, nor even a brief return to Planet Earth for Mr Younger-Ross, as the only democratic deficit which seems to concern him is that involved with the Eurovision Song Contest. He would do better to apply himself with the same vigour to the flawed or absent democratic processes by which decisions are made in the European Union that actually matter to this country. Perhaps then the LibDems might take one small step along a path back to a relevance they have lacked for more than a century. Maybe the inexcusably politicised malapportionment of seats in the European Parliament (with or without the provisions of the Constitutional Treaty in place) might be a place to start, even if he doesn't have the guts to go for the big issues like the illegitimacy of the Commission.

I wouldn't hold my breath though, I strongly suspect at heart he is at one with many fellow LibDem's, like the appalling Graham Watson MEP, in their intolerant views on the EU, their crusade to stifle any serious debate about the UK's place in Europe and explicit wish to kill off any chance for the people to make their own choices in the matter.

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