Thursday, May 17, 2007

Beating the Bookies

Hilary BennThere are two things you need to have in order to have a chance of beating the bookies. Firstly, you must know, or have better gut feel for the outcome of an event than most of the other punters. Secondly, the bookmaker in question mustn't know even more than you do.

On the latter point, when it comes to the likes of kevball or the horses it's unlikely that you'll be in the money. When it comes to politics perhaps things are not so clear cut. According to a Coral's spokesman:

"All the money today has been for Hilary Benn to win the Deputy Leader job and we have been forced to slash her odds dramatically."

Perhaps if they can't tell a filly from a colt in the NuLab deputy leadership donkey derby you might have half a chance.

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