Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Causes

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state
Fighting Back Against
Big Brother
I've just added a new feature in the sidebar which (if my JavaScript is good enough should be slide-showing some of the Internet based campaigns that are around at the moment and which I am strongly inclined to support.

Some of these campaigns have produced results in the past so I'm pleased to add my minuscule little bit to support them. I've included three initially.

First and foremost is the NO2ID campaign. This is the only one of the three I have had any personal contact with and it's an issue very close to my heart. I've met some of the people behind NO2ID and it's impossible not to be impressed with the hard work they do and the results they achieve, on a shoestring budget, against the might of the Home Office's spin machine. Their media penetration belies their limited size and they are clearly winning the battle for hearts and minds in the war against NuLab's Big Brother.

Second up, and loathed though I am to support anything from the Lib Dems, they seem to be the only people trying to garner public support for the fight against the Freedom of Information (Keep Parliament Secret) bill. I can't really say I could bring myself to hand over hard cash to the Lib Dem coffers, but their MP's performances in the Commons in fighting this insidious little bill have been impressive and must be commended.

Felicity Jane Lowde
Felicity Jane Lowde
Finally there is a campaign that has been highlighted on many of the blogs that are daily must-reads for me, looking for help in tracking down a fugitive serial stalker. I must admit other than a brief 'due diligence' scan of the underlying stories I still don't know the whole tale behind this particular saga. That said, it's amazing the number of people I know, especially women, who have fallen victim to this very disturbing type of behaviour, and as most of the reports come from sources that as far as I am concerned are pretty reliable I'm glad to do my little bit of promotion of the cause.


Rachel said...

Thank you for the link and support. No2ID is a cause close to my heart too. I hope that one day we can take both banners down, ID cards having been binned and Lowde having been nabbed and given the help she needs...

Dusanne said...

I guess at least there is real reason to hope on the ID front these days.

Sadly the banners will be replaced by other ones, it's just the way the world works. New technology will always create new dangers alongside the new opportunities, whether they come from the state or lone individuals.

At least the same technology also makes it easier to tackle these issues and get much needed messages into the public domain. It's certainly working for ID cards. Hopefully, in the end it will do so too for Ms Lowde.