Sunday, October 07, 2007

News Round-up

This (or rather yesterday) has been a very good day, so as much as I hate tabloid (or even quality) headlines normally, they need to be appreciated:

To be impartial I will start with the Guardian:

Jonny kicks Aussies where it hurts
Ohhhh and are they hurting tonight

From Sky, just to show some originality:

Jonny Kicks Aussies Where It Hurts - Again
Actually I'm pretty sure Wilkinson would 'fess up to not having a great game; the name Sky were searching for on Google is Sheridan, or, to be honest anyone up front other than penalty-factory Worsley.

As usual New York Times comment takes time to reach us:

Two Shiite Leaders in Iraq Reach a Peace Agreement
No, there is only one Gordon Brown, but I'm still amazed he could broker a peace agreement, even with himself when he had so many other fibs to tell.

Only one headline spoilt the weekend, from the Guardian:

Mugabe can attend summit, says Merkel
Sarko good, Merkel bad, it's what my instincts still say and this is the sort of dross I expected.

It doesn't matter what colour rosette you might identify with, right is right, wrong is wrong, and Merkel is someone best avoided. David Cameron should restore his former distance.

It's the image that sticks in the mind, and Sky are just following the pack:

'Weak' Brown Rules Out Early Election
The single quotes don't mitigate the image of a second rate strategist that has been left in the public's mind

Back to home ground, to the Telegraph that I grew up with:

BBC head 'refused to sign resignation'
I feel some sympathy. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the governing party you really are entitled to expect that the same rules about resigning when you do a bad job should apply to you too.

But for sheer chutzpah, for me the strapline of the day has to go the Sydney Morning Herald with its headline on the All Blicks:

You've got to choking!
Well, at least it will probably environmentally sound for the ABs to share a plane with the Wallabies as far as Singapore.

For the avoidance of all doubt, the writer of this blog reserves his rights to make ample use of the word 'choking' in reference to the All Blacks and Wallabies for at least four more years, and, in the case of Gordon Brown, for the probably more limited time he remains Prime Minister.

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