Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Environmental Jet Set

Best place for them
A few weeks ago I felt obliged to take a swipe at Derek Wall, the slightly ludicrous joint co-spokesman (or whatever he is) of the Green Party. I perhaps slightly unfairly omitted to mention that in among his litany of silly flat-earth society policies covered in his 18 Doughty Street interview, that there was something that he said that did somewhat redeem him. He made it absolutely clear that he now never used air transport. No wiggle room, no 'only for official, necessary business', no flights, period.

It's a somewhat unique position amongst the green lobby, whose blinkered form of evangelism usually involves flying all over the globe, often to very environmentally sensitive locations, to spread their virulent anti-human message.

This particular piece of news from the EU Observer came as very little surprise:
[Leftist GUE/NGL] Members of a European Parliament fact finding mission to Greenland have found themselves caught in the midst of a domestic airline strike, leaving the MEPs and staff stranded some 200 kilometres north of the polar circle at the foot of the Arctic island's biggest glacier.


A spokesperson for the political group, said that the party might charter an Icelandic airplane to transport the MEPs to the European continent. Another option is to lease two helicopters.


The delegation, consisting of six MEPs and four party staff members, had travelled to Greenland to meet political representatives, NGOs and local experts to discuss a series of issues and challenges facing the people of Greenland, such as the impact of global warming.

Source: EU Observer

I did have to enjoy the thought of a group of hapless left wingers, firmly aboard the green bandwagon, being stranded in a remote wilderness outpost by a strike by their brothers and sisters, forcing them to choose between two enormously polluting options to get them home again. Even the thought that some small part of my taxes will go towards getting these idiots home doesn't take too much shine of it.

What the hell were they doing there? Was there anything in their objectives that couldn't have been achieved over a basic video conferencing set up other than getting a few nice taxpayer subsidised photos for their next election handout?

Were it not for not wishing these MEPs on the good people of Ilulissat, I'd be quite happy for them to be left there.

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