Friday, August 24, 2007

The Value of Reason

While over at A Very British Dude where I discovered the clip in my previous posting I saw that he had come across another interesting clip that I'd seen at Samizdata. I'd meant to post it because it was absolutely fascinating, but couldn't really think how to sum it up. It tackles certain perceptions about the developing world, and takes a hard headed scientific approach to the economics and population trends involved. It's a bit hard to sum it up beyond that, so just take a look:

I can't say I bought into a couple of the propositions put forward, but overall it's a great piece of clear headed thinking that dispenses with some of the more emotive language and moral blackmail that so often surrounds the subject.


Daily Referendum said...

Two excellent videos. I'm a supporter of the police but these two idiots are letting the side down. Easy target hunting?

Dusanne said...

I guess it is picking off easy targets, but that said I've seen similar examples of attitude from the police out there in real life. I'm sure there are still many excellent officers out there, but I've just got no idea what proportion of bad apples they have to work alongside.

I'm still a supporter of the police in general, but with dodgy behaviour at the bottom, and some insidious PC behaviour at the top it's much harder to do so in the same wholehearted way as I once did.

Anonymous said...

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