Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thank God for Trading Standards

Simpsons Bank Note
Always check your change
Whatever would we do without these tireless campaigners for the consumer? According to Sky News there is a plague of novelty bank notes circulating, generally in North East England. According to Sky:

Trading standards officers say the notes look and feel like the real thing but the Queen's head has been substituted with a wide range of images.

They include England and Newcastle star Michael Owen, former Geordie hero Shearer, film actors and cartoon characters such as Bart and Homer Simpson.

Source: Sky News

But panic ye not, fearless officers from the local council are on the case of what one can only assume is yet another forgery operation by major organised crime bosses.

Council officers will swoop on more car boot sales in their hunt for fake notes.

Source: Sky News

Cover for a forgery racket
In the same spirit of public service, this blog is pleased to give a further public information bulletin. It has come to the author's attention that also on sale at car boot sales are often a number of items, which masquerade as board games as a cover for their true role as a distribution mechanism for thousands of pounds worth of fake cash. Caveat emptor indeed!

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