Monday, July 02, 2007

The EU Finally Delivers

It looks like the Commission have finally given up on trying to 'make the positive case for Europe', and resorted to the oldest trick in the book. As a piece of tax payer funded advertising it's not as bad as some, but I do wonder about what the message on Europe is meant to be. 'We f*** up everything we touch, but at least don't have hang ups about f***ing on screen like the Americans do' comes to mind, but I think they are aiming for the old, vote Europe and you will get laid line.

It will probably play well in some of the more 'traditional' parts of the continent, but it hardly raises an eyebrow here and in other parts of Europe it will probably be played amongst the Tellytubbies trailers without outrage; I say Vive le Differance, now there is a concept that the commission hates.

The bigger question for me suddenly though, is why on a keyboard I have to use '***' so often to write a words that I use in speech at least once an hour especiallyeven in front of valued clients; perhaps I am repressed after all.

Anyway, enjoy...

The real hat-tip belongs to a blogger I can't really mention because there are links that would compromise my attempts at anonymity, so I will have to attribute it to The Croydonian who was credited by the author, and whose blog I also enjoy reading but somehow missed this offering on.

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Delicolor said...

Do they mean me? They surely do... ;->