Monday, June 11, 2007

Technical Update II

New Browser Support
for Safari 3.0 Beta
This blog has now been tested in the Windows version of the Beta Safari 3.0 browser, and all the dynamic content seems work fine. The fonts look a bit filthy, but it is legible so I'll look for some nicer substitutions later. I still haven't had any chance to test it on a Mac, but judging by how easy it was to get it up on the Windows version of Safari I'd be pretty hopeful that it will work at least in that browser.

In all cases other than Internet Explorer (where it seems fine in both IE7 and IE6) it is only tested in the current latest version of each respective browser.

Good work by Apple, the only bigger branch of Proprietary-R-Us than Microsoft in that it all worked pretty much first pull. It's a pretty looking browser but I think that they've imported a few too many Mac UI conventions for Windows users to be fully comfortable with it. It wouldn't have been too much of a compromise just to stick to more typical drop down menu contents for example, without affecting what they were trying to achieve.

The only currently known issues, other than finding a nicer font for Safari, are minor rendering differences that have no impact in the use of the site so won't be changed, and the faulty rendering of certain extended characters (sorry Lembit!) which is down to the external source data so I may or may not be able to fix.

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