Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Public Denial

The Charlatans
The Charlatans - upstaged?
It's live from Wembeley Arena tonight, where I've braved the Silverlink to see the Charlatans, who were excellent.

Some old git, Pete Townsend I think his name was, then came on stage to make a public denial that he had ever claimed to have invented the Internet. Apparently we wouldn't have wanted to anyway, because, according to him, it is 'shit'; he's going to go home after the show and put something on his own blog to say so. Sorry Pete, our generation has beaten you in breaking the news.

He also apologised that his attempts to sabotage Shirley Bassey's helicopter at Glastonbury only half-worked.

What was strange though that he was then joined by another elderly friend on stage, along with others. I can't think Who the hell they were, but they violated all concert conventions by plying louder, longer and later than the main act. They even hogged the impressive visuals side of things, and might even have just about won the performance and composition side of things; they should really have known their place!

They weren't half bad though for old boys, and not many people left for the pub once the headline act had gone.

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